Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Is Left

I haven't been a very loyal blogger lately. I am sorry :( But I have realized how little time I have left, and it scares me and excites me, and I am too busy with my thoughts and trying to enjoy my last few weeks to write a (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am forgetting English. I don't remember the word...)-- an interesting blog post with organization and structure.
On the language front:
At this point, I think I am fluent in French. Or, I guess I might say, fluent enough. :D Really the only thing missing is some vocabulary. People tell me I have a good accent, too, which makes me very happy... I don't know why that part is so important to me, but really, a good accent was one of my main goals from the start. So to anybody trying to conquer another language, I would say here are some guidelines:
1) Let people correct you-- actually TELL people to correct you. My host sisters (And just the whole family in general) have been doing that since the start, and it is soooo helpful.
2) Read! The amount of vocabulary you learn just from context while reading in another language is immense.
3) Speak... and don't be afraid to make mistakes. I was kind of lucky to have such a good French teacher before I came here ( ;) ), so I felt I had the basics down. Nonetheless, you have to make an effort to speak up and try to explain yourself even when it is intimidating. The pay-off is a faster comprehension of the language.

On the topic of leaving:
Well... the more I stay here, the less I want to leave. Especially now, since I am on vacation, obligation free and doing whatever I want with friends from school, my host family, and AFSers alike. :) But I am kind of at a lack for words. I don't know how to describe what I am feeling right now. I kind of have lost all notion of what is going on in my life. Everything is going by really fast. I only have about 3 weeks left. :( I also feel incapable of making a conjecture as to what my life will be like once I get back to the United States. Or guessing about how I have changed and what I will be taking out of this year. Sorry, but I think you will have to wait until I get back from France to hear a realistic answer to these questions.

As for my day to day life:
I got out of school one week ago! My class threw me a surprise going away party on Thursday that was super nice. They all signed a t-shirt for me, which I thought was really sweet. The next day I made them sign the French flag I had bought... hehe. This is how I dressed up last Friday:

I'm proud to be a Frenchy.

Summer has been great. I went to a fair with school friends, a little get together of AFSers, and relaxed a bit, reading the fifth Harry Potter in French. :)

Today we have the "FĂȘte du Village" (Village party). I am not so certain as to what this entails, we shall see. Next weekend I have the last AFS weekend of the year... And other than that, I plan on going to Paris a couple times and doing more fun stuff before the 10th of July...

See you all soon!!!

I made a movie...


  1. You still write like a God. And it's been so interesting and amazing reading about all your journey... but please come home now.


  2. Great post, Bea. The movie is SO YOU! I love it! Can't wait to have you back here. Big old cuddle on the couch + movie marathon!!!

  3. Aww... This post makes me sad. It seems like just yesterday you left to go to France.and no need to worry about discovering how you have changed, as you will most definitely realize how you've changed when you get back to the states.
    LG misses you!