Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So, I will now skip to the fact that after Noirmoutier and a day of rest (kinda... I was in the car for six hours of that "rest" day), Lithia, a fellow AFSer came to Normandie to see me and so we could go to Paris to explore together!

But first, feeling a need to show her the Normand side of life, we took her to Giverny on Wednesday. It is so beautiful...

I took a picture of a flower!
... Actually, I took a LOT of pictures of flowers.

Later that day we drove up to Paris with Claude. Lithia and I stayed at my host-grandma's house at night. Such a nice offer! Altogether, we were there for 4 days, and saw quite a bit of stuff... here is a little list for ya:
-Eiffel Tower, which never ceases to make me feel like a tourist.
-Saint Germain Des-Près
-The Opera House
-The Galeries Lafayette
-St. Lazare
-Notre Dame and bopping around Ile de la cité
-The best falafel... near the Place des Vosges
-La Grande Mosquée
-Le Jardin des Plantes
-Moulin Rouge
-Rue Mouffetard (If you go to Paris, go here. Just do it. Pleaseeee.)
-Champs Elysées
-La Défense/Grande Arche
-Long métro rides... that I love.
-A really fun experience

So yeah... So much stuff :D
It was an amazing experience to be able to walk around Paris with a friend just doing whatever we wanted and shopping to my heart's desire... I now feel independent and slightly knowledgeable of Paris. Anyone need a guide? :) I am open!

Here is a photo from the Eiffel Tower!

Notre Dame...

And the rest in another post!


  1. Wow! What an itinerary. To say that I'm jealous would be an understatement! :D
    I love the picture of the purple flower. I'm looking forward to visiting Normandie someday.

  2. Oooh!!! LOVE the pictures!
    I'm with Kathleen-VERY jealous!! =)

  3. I love Paris, it's my favorite European city! You just made we want to go back there like RIGHT NOW :)

  4. oooh i want to explore Paris with you as my guide! what is rue mouffetard? and that is one PRETTY FLOWER!
    email me :)

  5. Salut Carly!
    De belles photos, j'adore! Comment va la fin de l'annee pour toi? Super bien d'apres ce que je lis! En tout cas, je te souhaite une bonne fin de ton sejour. J'imagine que tu as plein d'emotions en ce qui concerne ton retour aux E-U.
    :) ML

  6. Sophie- Haha yes come visit me!!
    Everyone else- I love you all...
    Mrs. Lewycky- Ahhh c'est la fin! Dites-pas ça!! Héhé