Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shortest Time Span in Between Two Blog Posts I Have Ever Made

So hey! This isn't really a blog post... This post pertains to one thing in particular. French food. Not just any French food, although it is alllllll so amazing, but particularly French bakery items. Not just any bakery items, but one amazing, delectable, beautiful, and delicious cake in every single way. What I'm talking about is:
Three Chocolates.
To get this out there to start with, the only real part of this tasty treat that is cake is a centimeter thick layer of it at the bottom. The rest is dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate mousse one on top of the other with a very thin layer of plain old chocolate on the top. After eating one serving, I feel like my arteries are going to explode in the best way possible. Well, no actually. The thing itself is insanely light... I would chalk that up to the mousse. I am not saying that it isn't amazingly unhealthy for you, but for being so darn sugary, you'd think it would be pretty heavy.
What else is great about this cake? The versatility. Three different ways to eat it... :) You can, obviously, take a spoonful with a little bit of everything, and the taste is quite marvelous. But you also have the choice of starting at the top or bottom, which leaves you with a white chocolate taste or a dark chocolate taste. Any way you eat it though, if you are a lover of sugar-filled/chocolately-abundant things, this is your choice. :)

But I guess now that I have mentioned the words "French food," I can't leave it hanging out in the open. So here is a list of some of the food ventures I have had this year and my thoughts about them:
-Foie Gras- Nomnomnom
-Rabbit- ...meh...
-Plain old duck- :D:D
-Steak Tartare- Surprisingly delicious!
-A plethora of cheeses:
-Runny ones- Blech... my mouth tastes like poop afterwards...
-Firm cheeses-quite yummy!
-Escargot- Doesn't taste like what you think a snail would taste like. Pretty good, actually!
-Thon St.Moret- This is pretty much like a little dip made out of the equivalent of cream cheese in France and tuna. I love tuna to start with, so it's great!
-So many yogurts I don't think I could name them all- They are all amazing in their own ways. Except danonette. I actually don't care for this one, even though it is etremely popular. And Mamie Nova is bizarre.
-Ratatouille-'Tis ok, but... I dunno... I am not a huge fan.
-Steak Haché- Miam! (Yum in French)
-Macarons- Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. So unbelievably delicious. DELICIOUSSSSS. And beautiful!
-Raclette- Good if you are in a cheesy mood...
-Tartiflette- Another mountain dish. Potatoes+cheese+onions+lardons=obviously amazing!
-Crepes!-So good! Especially if you make the batter yourself.
-Galettes-(Savory crepes) We don't make the batter, but it is great no matter what you put in!
-Quiche- So many different types... but they are all very good and easy to make to boot!
-Pâté- it depends, but normally, it is pretty good!
-Tartes-Sucré or salé, they are great :)

I guess that is all I can think of for now... so I'll be bidding you farwell!


  1. OK, thanks! Now I'm starving!! :)
    I'm so excited that you're loving the wonderful food. We'll have to try to re-create some of these amazing dishes. I'm going to look up a recipe for Tartiflette, because that sounds really gosh-darn delicious.
    Happy Eating!

  2. Ohhhh I am so hungry now...
    In the summer when I go to Paris there is no way I am leaving without tasting that triple-chocolate-sounds-beyond-amazing-and-completely-delectable-heaven-on-earth-chocolate-cake.

    Bon appetit!