Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh hai there!

Hey everybody~~
Not much has been up lately... well, except for one thing. One big, marvelous thing... SPRING! It is now officially the season of bonheur and flowers. I am so so so happy that it is finally here. I seriously thought that winter would never end. But looky now! It is 17 degrees outside and everything is blooming. I can't believe my eyes. The transformation from completely desolate to blossoming and leafy is happening so fast. And with it is my attitude. I am feeling quite positive lately. No matter what, I can't keep myself from having a smile in the back of my mind.
I have also been struck by a recent wave of nostalgia. Every day there is at least one thing that reminds me of the US or earlier in the year or anything, really. It is so weird... but wonderful at the same time.

The French is going well. I am more and more confident with it every day. My vocabulary grows with every week, and my grammar perfects itself with every month.

Speaking of months... :O Guess how many I have been here for? 6?! 6! SIX MONTHS?! Wow. Actually. This is kind of old news. I will have my seven months in France mark in 10 days. Holy crap. Time flies.

If only everybody I know and love could be here with me. There are so many things to say, yet I can't figure out a means to get all of my fleeting thoughts into writing. And some of the things I am going through are only understandable through the experience itself. Other things I can't even start to explain. And occasionally I forget what I wanted to mention that was of such importance! Everybody should just come to France. 'Twould be nice.



  1. Yes, time is certainly fleeting! I can't believe that the school year is almost over. I'm looking forward to a great summer with you!!

  2. Ohhhhh....
    That would be nice....

    Can't wait to you come back to share the overall experience!!


  3. I can't wait either, although it shall be bittersweet. :D