Monday, January 24, 2011


So, I know it has been a while since my last post, sorry about that. But I guess time has just slipped away a little...

Which got me thinking. My perception of time seems to be really f***ed up right now (Sorry for the language :) ). I mean, on one hand, I try to live in the moment. And on this smaller scale, time seems to go by fairly slowly on a daily basis, but then all of a sudden, a week has gone by! And then a month! And a half-exchange!! And it bogles my mind every time I realize this. I'm sure anybody who is reading this is feeling the same way too. I guess this is the time of year in which things start to slow down a little, and we can finally try to organize our thoughts and take into account all that we have experienced in the past several months. I know in my case, I am shocked when I notice how much I have grown and come to love my life here. How much I have matured, but at the same time, how my hunger to learn and understand more of this country and its culture and language hasn't really changed at all since the beginning of my time here.

I guess I can partly attribute this to this past weekend. Do you remember in October, when I wrote about the AFS weekend? It was a blast; getting to see everybody else, hear about their experiences, and understand my progress really helped me out that first month. But in comparison to this weekend, this one was fantasmicalistic! Every one of us AFSers is friends, I would like to say. And everything was so much more integrated and personal this weekend. And although there were a couple people that I love who weren't there, it was great anyway. It was really a good time for us all to realize how great we are feeling at this point in our exchanges.

So yeah...

I guess I will move on from this topic. In other news, the French is going very well! I finished my first book in French, cause all the other ones for school I kinda only read halfway. It is called "On ne Badine pas avec l'Amour," by Alfred de Musset. It was actually pretty good... :) I am excited to read more.

What else...? Well, there is a village that is probably about 60m squared that is on the bus route to my house in Pressagny, and it is called "Les Fours à Chaux," which means the hot ovens. Yes. And my village is Presagny the Proud. I am pretty sure Pressagny doesn't really mean anything special. *Correction!! Chaux isn't the plural of "hot" as I thought it was... It is actually, according to google translate, whitewash and/or lime... Like a material to make your stove out of...?! Ok, why not. The whitewash ovens. Just as good, I'd say.*

I think I shall end this post here... All in all, I guess I am loving life right now, and I am super excited for all of the experiences to come!

Oh right! I am staying in Seconde.


  1. WOW! It's really funny that you brought up that whole topic about time- I've been feeling the same way lately! You know- last year of middle school, then it's high school, then college...
    I mean, FOUR years ago I was in 4th grade! I remember it so well! An in FOUR years I'll be in college. Wow. Je suis tres vieille!


  2. T'inquiete pas!! T'es pas trop vieille. :)
    But it is kind of fun thinking about that sometimes, ya know? I will be in college in a year and a half.