Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pinball, Debates, Escalade, Super-lunches, Crazy French Wordsss, and Dreams.

Hey all! Great week :D
It has continued to snow slightly, so a lot of people can't get to school if they take the bus. This makes it all the better for those of us who have to go to school, though, cause half the teachers aren't there and half the students aren't there, so all the better. =] I have started to get to the point now in which I totally can understand what's going on in my classes, even French. French not so much as history, science, math, and ... English, but still I am starting to be able to follow what he is teaching. I am really kinda impressed at the capacity of the human brain to absorb so many words and concepts and all that jazz in a new language. Hooray!


"He's a pinball wizard there has to be a twist, a pinball wizard and uh blahblahblah something something lalala. How do you think he does it??!! I don't know..." Yay for incomplete song lyrics.
Well, did I tell you that my host family has a *drum roll* PINBALL MACHINE?! <--- interrobang for added punch! Well, they do, and from the first moment my eyes met it's metal surface, I knew that one of my goals for the year would be to conquer it. Believe me, playing pinball with a real machine is about twenty times harder than on the PC... =/ But I have trained with a master, named Eric, also known as host dad, who has taught me many tricks to gain the skills needed to maîtriser the thing that they call "flipper." Yes, yes indeed. My best score is 1,933,920. Just in case you wanted to know.

Today in school, I had a session of my generally bi-weekly class ECJS. I don't know what that stands for. No matter! Well, we had our first debate today. Which is awesome because ever since I read that article in the Mercury News many a year ago in which the French 5 students from such and such high school held a debate in French, I couldn't really stop thinking about it. Even yesterday, I am pretty sure there was a moment in which I questioned whether I could debate in French. Well, I guess that was answered this morning. Yes. I can debate in French. I can mess up all of their verb tenses, make the wrong assumption about a false-cognate, subsequently embarrass myself and PWN the alternate team all at once. But yes, I can debate in French. And have a lot of fun doing it, too. What was the topic, you may ask? "La télévision reflet-elle la société?" Which means, if you haven't already guessed, Is the television a reflection of society? Well, I got put on the POUR team (for), against my wishes to argue that "life is unscripted" and such nonsense with the CONTREs (against). However, once I was set to be on one team, I became a raging machine of fury and attempts at making myself understood and blathering and burgle urgle gurgle kind of like in this here sentence. But néanmoins (that should have gone in the CRAZY FRENCH WORDS section, it means nonetheless), as the against team tried to make the original question all convoluted and such by saying "in fact, the society is a reflection of the television, ha ha ha," I managed to get out the fact that if it is a reflection, it doesn't matter who is reflecting the other, they are exactly the same. Then the debate stopped... So yeah, good experiences we should all have. Try debating in another language, it is jolly good fun.

Escalaaadddeeee! So, did I tell you that last trimester we did gymnastics? Well, this semester we are doing... drum roll- indoor rock climbing!! I have to hand it to our school, they have a massively awesome *set* of gymnasiums. Notice that they have more than one... And it seems to be normal, in fact, for a high school to have a bunch of different gyms! Well, here, they have at least one for gymnastics, and one giant one for badminton and rock climbing. The rocke climbing doesn't take up much floor space, just vertical space. There are twelve (or something like that) climbing walls and we are all in groups of three, we switch around climbing, assuring, and checking everything. It is so much fun... Except that at the end of the trimester when you actually get a real grade for how well you do on the final exam-y thing.

Moving right along-- So, today=repas de noel=coolest thing ever=giant feast like lunch for christmas time! Right after gym class, we shimmied on down to the cafeteria, and waited in the much larger than usual line to get food. So normally, French cafeteria food for me is like "OH EMMMMM GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE," but today, it was like "OH MY GOLLY GOLLY GOSHES LAWD ALMIGHTY I THINK I HAVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN, YALL" based on the amount of food that they offered and its rather better than normal quality. First, a cafeteria lady gave us each a platter thingy with a gold colored liner, a little bread and the choice of coca cola or minute maid. :O Then you got to choose an appetizer, your dessert (ice cream cookie type thingy or other unidentified one), and your yogurt or cheese. And then on top of all that, you got your entree. Hooray! Potatoes and meat. It was cool. And all of the table had tablecloths! Classy! So yeah, pretty much an awesome lunch.

Crazy French WORDSSSS. Actually, I only have one right now. Cause I forgot the one really really long one that I wanted to mention. But this crazy french word is a version of "created." Because sometimes there is an extra s or e is necessary or something like that to agree with the subject that the action is being done to. Anyhow, this word is "créee" Yes. Three e's. Holy buttocks! That's a lot of e's. That rivals the awesomeness of the word bookkeeper. <--- Although that has three doubles, so I think we've got them there. Anyhow, if I remember any other awesome words in the future, I shall be sure to mention them.

Finally, I wanted to talk about dreams. I don't mean dreams as in "I dreamed I had a third arm and three people were pulling on me in different directions" type dream, but as in what I want to accomplish in my life. Pretty much, I have completely different and more numerous dreams than I have ever had before in my life. I feel as though coming here has really expanded my horizons in life, and I would be content doing so many things with the rest of the time I have here. It is a cool feeling. At the same time, there are so many things I now want to do in my life, some of which may not be possible! Alas, "you can't always get what you want. But if you try some times, you may find you get what you need," and I am sure I will eventually!/already have?



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  1. I laughed out loud at "creee". Good grief.

    You'll have to post a picture of your pinball machine...

    I am very glad that you were so persistent about doing this. You sound so happy and curious and engaged!

    Lots of love,