Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hooray! Three Months and SNOWWWWW

So, good week, guys! It was just a normal old week, but since I enjoy school, it was fun. Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday were the same old thing, except with one difference. There were patches of snowish-type-substance on the ground and I was really excited! Excited because of two main reasons:
I have never lived in a place where it snows before
When it snows "a lot," the buses don't come! Yes, I know you are thinking... Well, that doesn't seem all that great. HOWEVER, here, when the bus doesn't come in the morning, you aren't expected to go to school... Yep.
So all of Wednesday I was hoping hoping hoping that Thursday would bring snow. And it did!! I woke up at the normal time, just in case, and right as I looked out the window I saw a wonderfully white winter wonderland. Everything was covered in a small (but substantial) layer of snow. Hooray! Pia and I decided to stay home, and it was great! I went outside in the morning and just ran around for a while... and then we watched some TC, I did some homework, ate lunch, Pia and I went for a promenade through our little snow covered village, and that' pretty much it. A good day...
Then, Friday we decided it would be best to go to school. I started at nine thirty, luckily, so I had an extra hour of beauty sleep. It was a good day. I only had school from nine thirty to three. And then I had yoga!
Then this weekend, I had a great time with an AFS friend! Jessica came and stayed at my house Saturday/today, and next weekend I shall go to her house so we can go to the AFS walk around Paris together. So yeah, a good week :]

As far as the language goes, I feel so much more confident now, it's great!! I hope I can finish the year without an accent.

yay! A plant in the backyard!

The neighborhood! :]


  1. SNOW!!!!


  2. Wow! I can't wait for you to get your packages this month. You may remember what is inside one of them...