Friday, November 19, 2010

So, Pretty Much

This week has been a good one :). The weekend was a little uneventful, but after the school week began it was fun again. And I realized that this might be one of the only times that I have ever in my life actually ENJOYED school. Like, LOVED school. Ok, maybe love is a little strong, but after the twenty minutes of tiredness wears off in the morning, I am all good, and it is generally a fun day. So Monday and Tuesday went as they usually do, Tuesday I almost missed my bus (grrr...) on the way back from school, but it ended up being ok... after a little running. ;) And then there is Wednesday.

Wednesday... how do I describe my love for Wednesday. On top of the already awesome half-day thing, this Wednesday in particular was quite special. Let's see, what is a good way to phrase it? Well, if you don't like Paris shopping, Mamma Mia, and Top Chef, it would have been your nightmare (cauchemard en francais...). It started out with Claude, Pia, and two friends of the family piling i the car and driving up (down) to Paris after lunch. During about half of the one hour drive, I took a nap (sieste en francais), waking up to see the 5 or 6th arrondisement. The very cliché Paris view. Actually, to put it into a very very accessible form, think of Ratatouille. The scene in which Remy is running witht he papers along the Seine, with the little roads on either side of him... and that is exactly what I was seeing. The Eiffel Tower off in the distance, the awesome Inception bridge in the middle ground, and yeah... It was a good place to wake up to. :D Then we continued along and parked in a parking garage. From there we walked around the eighth arrondisement, which is the neighborhood with all of the big big big stores (Cough cough... since I know you are reading this Gaby... I think you would like it there... a lot. :) ). Including, but not limited to (I feel legit saying that) Les Galaries Lafayette, Printemps (which I hadn't heard of but is a really big chain in France kind of like a even more high end Neiman-Marcus, cause it has stuff like Chanel and Dior and Louis Vuitton [Yes this is a parentheses within parentheses, but I ave to mention that they are obsessed with Louis Vuitton here.], and all of the stores are like a block long :P ) Two giant H+M s, and a plethora of other delightful boutiques and stuff like that. I bought a cute little chemise at H+M, but that was all for shopping for me. :D It was great just to see everything, though. Especially since they are all starting to get set up for Christmas, and therefore there were tons of lights and stuff.
~Let me just tell you this: Paris at Christmastime IS MAGICAL. I don't care how overused that is, but it is true.~
I am really tired now, so the rest of the post will come in a separate part :D Sorry!


  1. =)
    PARIS SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!! LUCKY!!!!!
    Lucky lucky lucky.

    P.S: do they have Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie in France in French? Please say yes.....

  2. Yes..... D: Which is good for them, but not for me... We are going to a bigger theater in Rouen, though, so I can see it in the "Version Originale!" When I go to see it with my friends, though, it will be at the local theater, and in French :)

  3. It was the best movie I've ever seen!!!!

  4. Carly - that sounds absolutely magical...
    I am so happy that you're having such a wonderful time!!

  5. Hi Carly,

    What fun reading your blog! We were in Galeries Lafayette this summer on the first day of the summer sale. As you know the French are passionate about their shopping, so you can probably imagine just how crazy busy it was. I'm sure you had a much more civilized experience!

    Take care,