Saturday, November 20, 2010

So, Pretty Much... continued

So, once we finished shopping, we quickly dined at a very Parisien Corner Cafe/Bistro situation, and I got my first croque-madame in France. It was a success (By the way, a croque-madame is two pieces of toast grilled with French cheese on them, with an egg on top, and ham in the middle. A croque-monsieur is minus the egg.) So after that was done, Pia and I went early to the theater because our seats were different from the others. As we got there, we noticed it was packed! It was really a cool experience seeing a broadway show in another country. :D Anyhow, we moved along the line of people, got our tickets validated, and started up the stairs to the very very top. And then, Top Chef got thrown into the mix... As we were standing in another crowd of people, we noticed that there was a sign with the little M6 logo on the top (M6 is a French TV station). Pia read it, and it said that they were filming Top Chef: France just before the entryway to the top floor. We kinda didn't pay attention to it. But as we neared the entryway, we noticed a bunch of cameras and people. And they were literally filming Top Chef right there!! It was one of those competitions to make a bunch of hors d'oeuvres for a cocktail party or something. I even saw one of the chefs!!!!! Being the American Top Chef lover I am, I kinda flipped out. Then we continued to our seats and kinda sat there in awe of what just happened. I know it sounds stupid, but ti was exciting. Pia texted about half of the world's population and I was just sitting there thinking about how lucky we were to have chosen that date. We settled down as the musical started, and it was a great show. And EVERYTHING was in French! :) Even the songs... I couldn't help singing along in my mind with the English lyrics, too. When it finally finished it wasn't just over, though. There were two encores, and when I finally thought it would be over, they performed a last one, Waterloo, and in English! Meanwhile cameras came out onto the stage and were filming the dancers and singers. Slightly suspicious... Finally, at the end of that, a man came out onto the stage and everybody started cheering. I didn't know who he was at first, but it turns out he was the host of French Top Chef! He talked to us, and then we got a little glimpse into the episode. :D Altogether, it was a very exciting night...
On the way back home (At midnight), we all sang along to the songs in English in the car. And then I slept very very very well.
After that, Thursday came and went, and then Friday arrived! School was very easy that day, with me starting at nine and ending at three. And to top it off, we ended the day with our first class of Yoga. It was very fun, and I will be doing it every Friday until June from now on!
And now I will send you off by saying Happy almost Thanksgiving!!! I hope that I can celebrate it somehow...


  1. WOW! That sounds like so much fun!!!!
    Again, I believe that you are a very lucky person...


  2. OMG, OMG, OMG! Is Eric Ripert the host of the French Top Chef? What an amazing experience! Tres, tres, tres magnifique, ma cherie!
    Thrilled for you, and thrilled that you like Yoga. A good fit for you...

  3. It was fun ^-^
    I don't really know if he is... but sure, why not :D
    Yogaaa!!!!!! So cool.
    Lots of love from over here :)

  4. So jealous :) hehe

    but guess what? I GET TO SEE YOU NEXT WEEKEND!!!!