Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh, right, that blog..... :D

The photo is of the strike in Paris!
I apologize for completely forgetting about blogging for the past two weeks! I was a lucky duck, and smack dab in the middle of October (Actually the end, but we'll let it slide for the sake of a better sounding sentence), I had a one and a half week vacation. It was a very good vacation! I shall split it up into two parts:

So basically, both of these spots that I visited with my host family are on the West coast of France, both next to the sea, but they could not have been more different!

Royan is a seaside town with a very calm and relaxed feel to it. There are TONS of restaurants along the beaches and a lot of picturesque places to discover. I took so many photos! The four days we were there was mostly made up of promenades along the sand and relaxing around the house. It was wonderful!

Noirmoutier was equally great, but in a different way! It is an island right near Bordeaux, and all in all is only 12 kilometers long... :D It is mainly known for its salt (Yes, there is lots of salt cultivation there, and I got a couple pretty detailed explanations of the process :) ) and its seafood! We took some more walks around the island, on beaches and such, but it has a completely different feel than Royan. It is almost like you are in the countryside, but it is right next to the sea... So kind of an odd meld. We stayed with Claude's sister's family, so I got some time to bond with my host cousins and that was great, too!

After that, we took the five and a half hour drive home on Monday the 2nd. Which left us with two days left for vacation. Tuesday was a I'mgoingtoloungearoundalldayanddobasicallynothing day, and it was greatly needed :D

And then there was Wednesday!!!!!!! I took the train with Claude to Paris to visit my AFS contact person. It was my first train ride here. I loved it. I didn't have my iPod, but I was perfectly content to just sit there for the hour and think about things while staring off into the beutiful French "paysage" with trees of all different colors and houses splotching the green hills. It was relaxing and beautiful. Then I met with my contact person, had a nice lunch at a place called "flam's," a restaurant that serves a specialty from Alsace. Lunch was delicious, as always, and then we met back up with Claude. Since we were in the area, we went and looked at all of the large "galaries," which were amazing but beaucoup trop cher..... My favorite part was in the Galaries Lafayette, when we walked out into the center and there was the giant christmas tree and decorations and beautiful stained glass and many stories.... (Only the ultimate run-on sentence can describe the awesomeness :D ) I will put up a photo! And then I saw the Opera house, we went into a couple other stores, and I took the train ride home feeling satisfied and exhausted, which seems to happen every time I go to Paris :):):) .

Today was the first day of school back from vacation... but, it is a Thursday!!! So I just have Friday and then hopefully yet another exciting weekend!

As far as the language goes, I have noticed enormous improvement since the last time I kind of "self-checked" how it was going. I base that off of the fact that I could actually understand what my P.E. teacher was saying today, and the fact that when I took the quiz for "Sciences Vie Terre," I had no real idea what I was doing, but I could understand the questions, so I pretty much was able to fake my way through it I think... (Good habits, I know) By this time next month, I hope I will be able to understand everything!

And yet another abrupt finish to yet another ramble-full and ridiculous blog entry. Hoooray!

(Now you know how to say see you soon in French... or at least the equivalent kind of thingy)



  1. I love the pictures! You should post them more often.

    Tu t'amuses!
    (We learned about reflexive verbs today!!!)

    -Gabby =)

  2. woohoo! Always conjugated with etre in the past tense! And that means agreements! And don't forget the me, te , se, vous or nous! Jolly good fun. I forget one of those three things all the time!

  3. Yay - I was beginning to go through Blog withdrawal. Nice pic of you at the top. Love you lots, Mom.