Monday, November 29, 2010

Music Evolution.... why not. :D

So this week or so has been pretty cool. I went to a foir (fair) one weekend, and I saw HP 7 (AGHHHHH!!!! :D:D:D:D) and went to Rock music only party thingy with Pia the next. School is good. And when I say good, I kinda mean awesome... Like it is a (for the most part) enjoyable challenge.
And guess what!!!!? (inversed interrobang...) Our "conseil de classe" was Friday night. That means that the class representatives got together with our teachers and talked and shiz like that, and they gave out each of our individual "moyennes" or average grades. Yeah, I found it kind of weird, too. You get one grade for everything at the conseil de classe, but at the end of the year you still get a full report card.
*Giant unnecessary brag alert*
So this morning I found out my moyenne. I was super surprised and happy to hear that not only did I have a 12.5 (which is like a B), but also that I was a good one point above the rest of the class... the average for the class was 10.94... And I was graded in all of my classes except for SES(Economics) and French. In addition, you also get a little side note from the teachers and out of all thirty people, 3 were given the highest one, "Felicitations!" (Congratulations!) And to my surprise, I got that as well. :) Bear in mind I definitely didn't have the third best grade in the class, but I think the teachers took into account the language barrier. XD So anyhow, whoa... Needless to say, I was pretty proud of myself today. However, I didn't go around shouting it out like am doing right now. I kept it confined to my little brain and just smiled throughout the day. And then, in my last class of the day, we got back our math tests... and to just top off the already great "journée," I had received a 17.7! Hoowayyy :) Ok I shall shut up now and get back to stuff that is pertinent.
As well as giving out grades, the representatives also give us a little summary of what they all talked about. It was interesting enough and killed some class time, so hooray :). At that same time we also got our school photo forms. There isn't a legitimate yearbook here, but if you want you can purchase a kind of class yearbook, which just contains you and your classmates. I am totally buying it. It is the closest I will get to its American counterpart. :P I was surprisingly satisfied with my photo, and the class photo is the funniest thing you have ever seen. I think me and two other people are actually smiling. It kind of makes me wonder if I wasn't supposed to smile.. D: But my French teacher's and Falfi's and Tommy's faces just make me feel the need to own that awkward photo... hehehe.
So yup... that was all for today.

Anyhow, moving on to random things I have noticed lately or forgotten to mention:
-You can overpass school buses in your car here. :O
-Sirens sound different
-Their school bell is ten seconds of blaring hellish noise
-There was a snow like substance on the ground today in patches, so HOORAY!
-Uhh... I have cold, to put it in the french form.

But I guess I should explain why I called this post "Music Evolution."
Well, I was thinking last night about the fact that I have had some very distinct phases of music listening while being in France. And i think if you go ahead and think a little deeper after reading it, you will kinda understand.

First month:
At the very beginning it was kind of a mélange of everything. But there was some Muse, some Cranberries, and a bunch of random playlists I made over this summer.
Then it morphed into A LOT of Sara Bareilles: Not happy chappy Sara Bareilles, but stuff like "City" and "Between the Lines" and "Winter Song." Especially "Winter Song." Hehe... look up the lyrics.
Started listening to Radiohead. Mostly just "Karma Police" and "Let Down"

A little bit after that:
OK Computer (Album), to be precise. And The Bends. Both really good music to just put on and get absorbed in, given you like that type of music.
Sara Bareilles slowly withering away.
Very small phase of James Taylor. :( Not good to listen to when you are thinking of home, but he's so good. :/

The past two weeks:
I still listen to Sara Bareilles and Radiohead when I feel like it, and still really appreciate their music and songs, but I have also started a new phase.
Coldplay is great. Their music is wonderful and they have so many different types of songs. So it isn't only their marvelous first album, Parachutes, but also their other, more upbeat stuff.

So yeah. I don't know if that was interesting at all, but there you go.

And that is all I've got for now.

P.S. If you have any sort of topic you would like to know about or read about on a daily basis, feel free to chime in on the comments section.

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Edit~ I totally forgot to mention thanksgiving! Well, I guess that is because it isn't celebrated here... teehee... (Did you know that the french expression for dotdotdot- real word for that by the way is ellipses- is "trois petits points" hehe. Three little points.) But anywhow, I made popovers, but that was it. :) A very different thanksgiving indeed.


  1. Great post!!
    Congrats on zee grades!
    Interesting blurb about music.... hmmm..
    That school bell sounds difficult to listen to.
    One quick question: I've always wondered what they usually eat for le petit dejeuner, Mme Herberich said it was different than in the US.


  2. Thanks :)
    Oh boy, it is different... I have kind of adapted it to my ...needs... as an American hehe, but in general, it is something really tiny tiny tiny and sweet. I just eat a bowl of cereal or some toast here, so it isn't any different than usual, but others eat a yogurt or a fruit or a cookie and some milk, and others don't eat at all. :O The main two differences are that they don't have the whole "MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY" thingy banged into their heads, so their breakfasts are smaller, and you never eat salty stuff for breakfast. So yeah. I feel kinda awkward sometimes eating my large in comparison bowl of cereal. :D *Guilty smile.*

  3. Carly,
    your journey sounds so exciting! The grades ROCK! thats quite a feat given the language barrier. When I lived in Germany winter was amazing and magical (and REALLY cold!) Your dad came to visit often since he lived in Scotland. BRRRRRR. But we were young and had a great time. Keep up the great posts, I love reading of your adventures.
    Aunt Mimi

  4. Thanks! :D I think it is really cool that you and dad (and the other 6 kids) all got to get exposed to different cultures when you were young. I guess so many of his stories from other places (and language skills... hehe) kind of inspired me unconsciously to always want to travel and go places. :) It's cool to think about.
    Thanks again. I hope you are having a wonderful December! :]

  5. Good work, Carly Bea. We're so proud of you! Your blog posts are totally entertaining, by the way.

    I'd like to know if you feel that you have more or less in common with your French teenage counterparts. What do you see as the biggest difference between growing up in France vs. the U.S.?

    Also, do you watch much tv over there? Are you understanding the sitcoms any better? (I know you mentioned that they were the most difficult to understand...tres petits points...)

    Lots of love to you and la Famille Marron.