Thursday, November 11, 2010

Everything's Great Over Here :D

So, not much to say..... School is going fairly well- I am attempting to slog through a French literature book. : | That is an interesting process. Not much progress, but I am DETERMINED. I SHALL conquer the French language and all its funky verb tenses that I was unaware existed... Like when did fut become a derivation of etre???!!! Sorry, I just had to mention that one. Dismiss it if you don't understand. It isn't important. XD All my other classes are coming along, and I am really liking the French grading system. I have probably already said this, but it is all out of twenty, and 12 is good, and 16 and above I think is great. 8 and below is kinda cruddy, but at the same time, I don't know... It just seems like a better system.
I want to join some sort of something outside of school... and Pia wants to do Yoga, so we are planning on getting into that sometime soon! Hopefully it works well in combatting weight gain. As in delicious baguette/nutella induced... Enough said.
As did the people in the United States, we also got a day off today :D:D It was a great great great day. The morning was relaxed, the afternoon was filled with bonding (And bad weather), and the evening has been taken up by being able to talk to my mom, making one of my favorite American comfort foods, and a fire in the fireplace. Aww, so cozy. Also some trying to teach Pia piano. XD Totally not a certified piano teacher... It's all in good fun, right? :) And last but not least, FRENCH HOMEWORK :D:D:D So great! (Now would be a good time to find out how to express irony in writing... Oh, I remember!) *Bangs head on wall* But now it's time for some precious "dodo" (French slang for sleep... yes I know it sounds like something other than that...) before school starts bright and early tomorrow. Good night moon, good night stars. ;)


  1. Fut reminds us that even French can be as confusing to learn as English. :)
    I actually remember that particular strange little verb.
    It was absolutely mah-velous skype-ing with you yesterday. What a treat - my first glimpse of you in weeks! (Didn't notice the baguette/nutella-induced weight gain, fyi =D) Yoga is a great idea - I think you'll love it!!
    Dodo away, ma cherie. Au revoir & je t'aime.

  2. Hey! Did I actually get a comment in before Gabby? Sacre bleu!

  3. Yeah, you did :D Haha!
    I miss you too! But if you are ever missing me, you can always go on google earth.....

  4. Hey!
    For the record, I did read the blog on Friday but didn't comment =)

    Yoga sounds fun! You should go for it!

    Tu t'amuses!