Friday, September 10, 2010

More Random Things!

Well, I haven't really said much about my host family and town yet because the last time I blogged I was tired and didn't want to take up the computer, but since school doesn't start for me until semaine prochaine (?), I acvtually have free time!!! It's this wonderful thing in which my brain doesn't feel absurdly overwhelmed with French and I can relax. So as I am sitting at the computer with Milo (the kitten) perched on my shoulder, I find that I have a lot to say. However, how can I put everything into words? I don't know, but here is my attempt.

Pressagny L'Orgueilleux is one of the most beautiful little villages I have ever seen. You can take a five minute walk to the Seine, look at cows from across the river, and hear the train from far away. All the houses are made out of stone, and the lots are quite big compared to the semi-suburban life I am used to. The town seems to be host to lots of cats, which is quite familiar to me, but just this morning I saw two different cats at the same time lounging about in the backyard, neither of which were from our house...
The closest city is Vernon, about ten minutes away by car. It is smaller than my home town, about 20 thousand people, but it seems bigger because it is more compact (Sorry if that doesn't make sense). I have gone with Manon and Claude a couple of times to faire des courses (grocery shopping), and I enjoyed it immensely! There are so many difference between the US and France.
Pia and Manon are so nice! They both seem to share a lot of similarities with me: music, movies, Harry Potter, all that. And Claude and Eric are fantastic host parents.
I LOVE FOOD. Breakfast isn't a big deal here, but lunch and dinner are very awesome. Everyone sets the table, and we have a main course and then generally yogurt and or cheese/fruit. All the food is delicious, and I don't pass up any oppurtunity to eat (Well I almost did last night because of tiredness, but I woke up just in time). I have a newfound adoration for yogurt, too.

Language (La langue):
As far as my French goes, I haven't found that there is much of a difference in my understanding or my speaking, but I can say I am quite accustomed to people speaking in French to me. I'm used to the first thing coming out of my mouth being French, and hearing only French as well. This doesn't mean that I can easily comprehend what is being said, though. :) I expect that when I start school next week, my ability to understand that which is being said will grow immensely. But moving on,

School (L'├ęcole):
Although I haven't been to school all by myself yet, yesterday, Pia took me with her so I could see what French school is like. Two words: long and confusing. All in all, Pia had nine hours of education that day, and I understood about five minutes worth of conversation. First she had two hours of Philosophie, which I enjoyed, but understood none of; then she had an hour of math, which I might have been able to understaqnd if I knew the concept; then she had lunch, which needs no comprehending; next Allemand (German), which, since I have no prior knowledge of German, was completely baffling; then another hour of philosophie, better than the first, but still impossible; and finally, an hour of history, in which the teacher spoke at 150 kilometres per minute, and I understood none but these words it seemed: La grande Alliance, Chine, Mao Ze Dong, and Puissance Mondiales. I think history will be a good subject for me, though.

0th3r 0b$cuRit!es
I have noticed that just as much English music seems to be played on the radio as French music.
I had real Petit Fours two days ago!
Milo is a cuddly kitten.
Our town is very close to Giverny, Claude Monet's town, and it is gorgeous.
The French's coca cola in the bottle has sugar!!!
I love these little pancake thingys called Blinis.
Maybe it's just me, but French ice cream tastes different!
Churches everywhere...
Everyone does seem to be a little bit more fashion concious here...

Well, that's all for now!!!

Mon Adresse:
1 Rue Harel
27510 Pressagny L'Orgueilleux, France

Au Revoir...


  1. Carly,
    how exciting for you. I can only imagine how beautiful it is there. Good luck in school and keep up the great blog entries...
    Aunt Mimi

  2. Carly, keep the posts coming; it is fun to read about your adventures!

  3. It sounds like your adventure is off to a fabulous start! Keep on writing! (you will love reading this later). I know I sure do now!
    Missing You!

  4. You sound so happy! I am super excited for you! You also write most excellent posts ;)

  5. i am wondering 1. what milo looks like :P
    and 2. what pancake-thingy-blinis taste like

  6. Bonne chance a l'ecole, Carly! Nous aimons les postes de blog. (How's that for fractured french?)

  7. Ah!
    That sounds so amazing!
    Like the place I visit in my dreams!
    And everyone is more fashion concious! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bonne chance!


    P.S. J'adore ton chat! I saw pictures. Il est tres mignon, n'est pas?

  8. Thanks!!!!!!

    Yeah, Gaby I think you would fit in very well here.