Tuesday, September 7, 2010

#32 Enjoy the Little Things

As a great movie once stated, you must enjoy the little things when sudden change is thrust upon you. Although moving to France for a year is not quite the same as an apocalyptic flesh-eating situation, I do think that it is important to relish the little things that happen every day. Like the fact that a baguette is purchased chaque jour. And that all the houses seem to be made out of stone. And that my accent is a failure as of now. All of these things make up what I now call my life... But hold on, I am getting ahead of myself. Before I delve into the various nuances I have already semi-grown accustomed to in the French culture, I will explain more about my journey.

On Tuesday, the 31st of August, I had my friends and Aunt and Uncle over for dinner. We had tacos and some other mexican food, because I expect that it will be hard to find Mexican food as good as what we have in California, in France..... no offense to the French. We said goodbye for about thirty minutes and it ended in tears.... :( Then my parents took me to the airport and that ended in tears... :( I got on a red eye to JFK and rode a plane knowing that I wouldn't set foot on San Jose or Los Gatos ground again for ten months. It was weird. I got to JFK early (seven o clock) in the morning and met with another AFSer to get to the hotel. We were some of the only people that were there because check in started at one PM. After waiting in the lobby for six hours, I got my room. Hooray!! My roommate was very nice. Her name is Lithia, and she is from New York State, near the town with the amazing name, Poughkeepsie (I think that is how it is spelled?). Then we had some activities and blah blah blah. Then I got my host family! A family of four living near Vernon in Normandie. Claude, Eric, Pia, et Manon. Well, then the next day we did some more activities and tooka red-eye to Paris. It was a tiring trip, but fun at the same time. I met some more cool people, and we went to the hostel via bus. We didn't do much the first day, but the second day we saw some of Paris (!!) and the tour eiffel (!!!!). Then some more activities as our nervousness grew. The next morning, we had activities for about an hour and a half, and then everyone went their separate ways by train. However, some of us were close enough to be picked up. We all went into a room where the host families had been talking and had to introduce ourselves one by one and then go greet our host families. It was scary, but so much fun!! Then we all split off and drove home. It was a fun car ride. We chatted and talked a lot, and then we got to the petite village of Pressagny L'Orgueuilleux. It is beautiful!! I was supposed to go to school the day after I got there, but the principal hadn't yet looked at my papers... so I am at home for now! I have been sleeping and playing with their kitten a lot. And enjoying all the little things that make france different from the US. But I havee written so much it is time to go...... sorry that this is a very abrupt ending, but I don't want to take up their computer for too long, so I shall be going.


  1. one word: Adventure.

    As a little kid adventure was the one thing I wanted most (still is), i can only imagine how awesome this experience is for you. Also Kittttty! Also is Noramdie the same as Normandy?

  2. They have a kitten?!?! <3
    and "Pressagny L'Orgueuilleux" help us out... how do you pronounce that?!?
    :D We miss you but WOW your writing is eloquent!
    xoxo -mara

  3. I thought I commented already, but I don't see it. Technically challenged, I guess...
    How cool that you get bread chaque jour! You will be forever spoiled by that good bread.
    Don't be nervous about school. Hopefully they'll have a choir or some other music program that you can get involved in.
    What is Pia studying?
    Milo looks adorable - finally a kitty that cuddles!
    Love you!!!

  4. Ahh that sounds awesome and I'm so jealous... The closest I have to what your experiencing is shouting loud incoherent french at the top of my lungs in french/various other classes.. oh well... You sound like your having tons of fun and i hope you have the most amazing ten months of you life.
    I miss you!

  5. I am so jealous! That sounds amazing! You're not going to miss LG at all... maybe. But how can CA compare to Paris?! I am probably going to go on the France trip w/Mme Herberich in July. Maybe I'll see you in Paris!!!

    Ditto Niamh, ditto.


  6. Carly. Everything sounds so exciting and your host family seem like they are really nice. Looking forward to your next post. Love you. Aunt Mere

  7. thank you everybody! I miss you all! Gabby, I hope you do get to go on the french trip! I didnt, but I should have! Paris is amazing.

  8. Oh, and mara, it is pronounced press a nyee lore guy yuh. woot. I think they just say pressagny.

  9. I know im a little late to the commenting but i feel like I should. oh ya and why are you so good at writing i feel inspired now after reading that. good luck and have fun at french school

  10. Woot yay! inspirational speeches...