Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday was the day!! In some oddly roundabout way, I found out that I got into AFS-France (finally), and will be participating in their year long program for my entire junior year.

If you'd like, I will tell you a story (Paraphrased quote from the Book Thief):

So Sunday afternoon I was simply sitting in my living room relaxing and enjoying the free day when my mom brings in the mail. She opens up a few, discards a few, the average mail check, right? Wrong! As she opens the next letter, she says "Hey Carly, we just got an invoice from AFS."
"Quite odd," I thought, "Seeing as I haven't been formally accepted yet." However, being as knowledgeable of the AFS website as any hopeful foreign exchange student is, I went to the "Next Steps" page, in which exchangers can click on options such as:
-I am thinking about applying
-I have sent in my full application
-I have been accepted into AFS-USA
-And so on.
So I clicked on the step entitled, "I have been accepted into a program", and it specifically stated that after you have been accepted, you receive a bill of the remaining tuition to pay at your earliest convenience.
To double check, I emailed somebody and at the moment I am waiting for a reply. However, I think it is safe to assume that I will be going to France next year... :):):):):):):):)

I am so excited I don't know what to think...

I wouldn't have gotten to this point if it wasn't for everybody around me being so gracious and supportive, and I can't give you enough thanks.

Carly Houk

Update: Oh my god, I can finally remove the "possibly" from my blog title!!!!


  1. Hey congrads,
    I can't wait to be excepted. I got a bill too so I think I'm going to double check with my volunteer and see if they did the "roundabout" way with me too.

  2. Yay! It will be so awesome if we see each other in NY!

  3. Hey Carly!
    A while ago (like in January) you posted a comment on my blog asking how it is language-wise and if there are people that I'm definitely going to stay in touch with. I'm really sorry this response is so late, but I hope it'll be helpfull.

    The first day of school was a bit of a shock for me. I'd taken 4 years of French, and when I got to school the first day I completely blanked. But the teachers, once alerted that I was American, were totally helpfull. Each prof talked to me after class and asked how I was doing, etc. The kids in my class explained things in English when I really didn't understand, and little by little my language skills came back. I started remembering things and I started learning, and by Christmas I was ablse to understand almost everything and express myself well.At this point I consider myself practically fluent. I don't have to think when reading anymore, I can talk freely, and I'm finding myself more naturally talking in French than English.

    And as for the friends, I am definitely, most certainly, and absolutely going to stay in contact. These are some amzing people, and it feels like I've been friends with them forever. Don't worry about that, you'll be making friends from the moment you get to orientation because, heads up, AFSers are pretty cool kids.

    I hope that helped you! Good luck with your exchange!!!


  4. Thanks! That did help a lot. I just have to make a goal for myself to be more outgoing...