Friday, December 11, 2009


I feel like what happened in my French class on Wednesday is noteworthy news. Well, first of all, the question of the day just happened to be "Can you imagine studying abroad? Do you like that idea?" (In French, of course....) I thought it was an awesome coincidence, that my French teacher was just curious if anybody else in my class had put any thought into it. However, she didn't put that in just for fun, because later she said that the visitor we had been expecting was waiting to be sent up to the classroom. I was kind of in a daze on Monday, so I didn't exactly hear who the visitor was, and I was excited. But nothing could surpass the awesomeness of seeing an AFS volunteer walk in the door. It was amazing! He first explained what AFS was, introduced himself as Grant Ziolkowski and told us of his year in Spain when he was a senior. I had some troubles forcing down the extreme joy. At the end I went up to him with my French teacher and we talked and I thanked him. It ended up being one of those unexpected happy things that just make your day brighter. However, it wasn't just an awesome way to start the day. If I get that excited when a single AFS volunteer is in the room, I know that I am ready to make this gigantic step in my life. I can't wait!

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