Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hooray for the Widget O' Wonder

Well, today was a good day before I checked my email... but, it just got better! Back in October, I was having some problems with email with AFS. It was quite confusing. But now, everything is happy again because I got an email today with the instructions on how to get the "Chip In" widget o' wonder onto my blog. Basically, as you can see to the right of this post, there is a little gadget that has a button with Chip In written on it. If you decide you would like to help fund my trip to France, which would be greatly appreciated, then you can click that button, enter the amount you would like to donate, and securely use paypal to help me reach my goal. I chose five thousand as a goal because that would help immensely with the application price. However, don't feel obligated to pay an insane amount of money. Any amount would help me out and I sincerely thank anybody that decides to donate any sum of money!
In fact, here are some examples of how many people it will take to reach five thousand dollars if each gives:

$1.00-5000 people
$2.50-2000 people
$5.00-1000 people
$10.00-500 People
$15.00-333(.3?) people
$20.00-250 people
$30.00-166 people

And so on. So you see, any amount makes it easier for me to reach my goal. Thank you all so much for helping!


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