Monday, November 16, 2009

Application (Almost) Complete

Whoopee! This weekend I completed all except the passport part of my application. I am uber-pumped. Soon I will be turning it in, and after that i will be finding out whether I got in or not, and after that, I might be finding out when my flight is, and then it might be the END of the school year, and then it might be August (birthday), and then it might be time to pack, and then it might be time to leave. So as you can see, not too long until France becomes a reality. And judging on how fast a third of the school year has already gone by, I wouldn't be surprised if the AFS process happens just as fast as it does when I wrote that sentence above. I just sincerely hope that I get into AFS France and they aren't just like, "Sorry, France and French Belgium finished up months ago and you will have to wait another year!" :( They probably won't, though. And, you know, if I have to, I would choose somewhere else, like Italy. Get back to my Italian roots. That would be fun. But as of now, France is my number one choice. AH! I am so excited! I have random paroxysms of happiness I am so ecstatic! Knowing that next year might be the most life changing year of my life just makes this school year so much more tolerable...! Haha...maybe not, but you know what I mean. See you soon!

P.S. In a few weeks there will probably be a little gadget on the side of my blog to help with fund raising! yay! :):)

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